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Avoid Cheap SEO

Three Reasons to Avoid Cheap SEO

Being able to enjoy the rewards of a high search result position via Google is something that only the most prominent websites can take advantage of. With the search engine prioritising sites that can demonstrate relevance and authority above all else, it can be very difficult for smaller businesses to develop their reputations and enjoy the top spots without professional help.

This is why many are turning to the services afforded by expert web marketing agencies.

These professionals know exactly what it takes to enhance a site’s online visibility, but as with most expert services – there are typically two types of providers. The first, and far more beneficial, will be those that practice ethical techniques, whilst encouraging the natural growth of a website. The second, and often more detrimental, are those that prefer spam strategies and other unorthodox methods to rank their client’s sites; often without much thought for the consequences.

It’s the latter type that you’ll want to avoid at all costs, but why?

The use of unsavoury practices

Often referred to as ‘black hat tricks’, these practitioners will often rely on methods that may offer temporary results; but will be far more likely to breach policies as dictated by Google. The results? In most cases a site will be penalised or worse; which can lead you to being completely delisted.


Although it wouldn’t be fair to say that the majority of these so called ‘experts’ are in the same part of the world, studies have shown that many do operate from third-world countries. As a result they can be much cheaper to hire, but will be nowhere near as effective as an expert in Adelaide, for example.

A lack of financial protection

Once you’ve paid a foreign provider to take care of your SEO, your hard earned cash will be all theirs to do as they wish. You won’t likely possess a contract, nor will you have any protection when things (inevitably) go wrong.

The safest option is to hire SEO Adelaide, who have a reputation that you can trust.