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Three Great Methods for Advertising

One thing that most businesses will have in common is the need to retain current clients, whilst working on methods to maximise their chances of obtaining a fresh influx of clientele. The best way to do this is via advertisement and with so many unique options at a companies’ disposal – half of the challenge relates to deciding on the most effective for an agencies’ endeavours.

There are three types of modern advertisement that have been tried and tested over the past decade, with success being achieved in the majority of instances. Whether you’re a new business owner, or if you’re simply keen to revisit your existing companies’ publicity strategies, here are a few of the most effective marketing methods available.

Video production for advertising

Over the past decade, one medium of advertisement has increased in popularity hundreds of times over – and that’s visual publicity. Websites like YouTube make it very easy for a company to establish a web presence, obtain a following and then publicise their goods and services. Having a professional clip made by an expert team of video producers can make a lot of difference and from the initial shoot to the final editing; a good video can certainly play a major role in the development of a companies’ reputation.

Hiring a production team can be very affordable and many businesses consider the investment a worthy-one, especially with the potential to see a return being substantial.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been offering publicity methods for several years now and as the audience for each one grows, so too does the potential to reach a broader customer base. Facebook in particular offers its users the option to develop marketing strategies that can be paid for, for a larger reach. There are thousands of companies that rely on this method, so ensuring that a presence is unique and appealing will need to be a top priority in order to receive attention.

There are free alternatives offered by these providers, such as developing pages, increasing audience and traffic, and then promoting products and services via status updates and special events.

Search engine optimisation

One of the best ways to all but guarantee traffic – and as a result, a higher rate of sales – is via search engine optimisation (or SEO for short). This practice works by targeting a set of keywords that apply to a companies’ products and services, whilst enhancing the page’s priority in the eyes of a search engine. The techniques should only ever be undertaken by experts in the field – as the risk of being penalised for over optimisation is enough to stop a businesses’ online visibility in its tracks.

The great thing about this type of advertisement is that is can go on for as long as the company can afford to pay for. For the most persistent results, it’s advisable to maintain the strategies relating to SEO. If a website is able to rank highly for a particularly competitive set of keywords, then the likelihood of them receiving thousands of visitors a day will be far more substantial. More traffic translates to a greater chance of paying customers – and this is something that all businesses will appreciate.